Rain clouds

Recently we had decided to begin doing activities with the kids so this past Monday we started it. I have looked on, you guessed it, Pinterest, for ideas on what to do. The one we decided to go with first was Rain clouds. You can find the original post here. I took four small containers and filled them up about half way with water. 20150706_192218 20150706_192503 20150706_193158I then took shaving cream (not the gel) and put it on the top of the water. (Water represented air and the shaving cream was clouds. After that you were supposed to take blue food coloring and put it in water to create “rain.”  You had to take a medicine dropper and drop them in. I didn’t have a medicine dropper so I tried using a straw that I had cut up. This did not work at all. I just ended up giving the kiddos the food coloring bottles and let them have at it. None of the kids really caught onto the whole lesson (A sort of did) but it was still fun. All of their clouds turned out really pretty and colorful. 20150706_192452 20150706_192454 20150706_193402 20150706_193404 20150706_193410 20150706_193413 20150706_193420After we were done with this I decided to let them have some real fun. I took shaving cream and put it on the table in front of the kids and let them have at it. We had shaving cream EVERYWHERE! It was worth it though. They all loved it.

I cant wait until next weeks activity. This is gonna be so much fun.

🙂 B


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