101 Dalmatians

This past Tuesday we decided to restart our movie nights. The first movie we picked to welcome back movie nights was a Disney classic, 101 Dalmatians.

20150616_190608For Dinner we had hot dogs, Nana`s noodles, (Ramen Noodles) and Fetch sticks. (Pretzel rods)

20150616_190617For the drink the kids had toilet bowl water. (Regular water that had blue food coloring in it)

20150616_190638For desert we had Oreo pudding. (Black and white, like Dalmatians) Here`s the link I used for this recipe. http://couponcuttingmom.com/oreo-pudding-dessert-recipe/

Mine did not turn out all that great. It would have helped a great deal if I actually had a mixer, however I did not so I was just using a spoon and mixing it all together. The kids and S still liked it though.

After dinner we started the movie. For their snack the kids had pupcorn. (popcorn) Overall it was a good first movie night.



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