Out of the box sampler- August

I am so excited that I got this box again! I absolutely love it. I was worried about getting it this time because of the credit card incident last time. So, this time around I paid with my PayPal account… NO PROBLEMS!! YAY!! The theme for August was “What are you wading for?” This box was a summer beach sampler sponsored by Candle Confectionery. Be sure to check them out at http://www.facebook.com/candleconfectionery

20150814_221117 20150814_221006 20150814_221001When writing this post I am just going to reach into the box and grab the first thing I touch. The first thing I grabbed was from Paper Twinkles. I am assuming the same person who does Paper Twinkles had a second site. The paper included with these envelopes mentions a Clay scraps site. I went to their etsy site to see what other items they sold but there is nothing on the site. If you are interested in looking for yourself, check it out here. I received two envelopes. They are small in size but very cute. Inside one of them is some sort of decoration?(see the first picture) There is a bear cutout attached to what seems to be similar to scrap booking paper. It is cute, however I really have no use for it. Maybe I will attach it to someones present in the future? As for the envelopes, you can’t really fit much in them. I will more than likely use them to gift money. They seem fairly sturdy.

20150814_222213The sponsor of this months box sent out a wax tart. The same Orange creamsicle one from the last box I ordered. I am fine with that though. LOVE this scent. Be sure to check Candle Confectionery out at their link above. They are offering 20% off orders over $20. Use promo code: BEACH20. Please go and check them out. I absolutely LOVE her candles. Maybe I will talk S into buying me one soon… lol.

20150814_222815  20150814_222825 20150814_222832Next up is an item that will be going into the treasure box. Not much to say about this. It’s a chain necklace with a charm. I don`t care too much for this contributor. The stuff they sell is too “unique” for me. You can visit their site here and form your own opinion.

20150814_222611 20150814_222616 20150814_222649 20150814_222659Lady bug flip-flop magnet. Super cute. Made by http://katiefavors.etsy.com. Her stuff is adorable. You can get a set of these magnets for $11.00. ( Pack of 16) The only thing I didn’t like about this was the sellers card. She offered 10% discount using coupon “Sampler” however, it expired 12/31/2014. May have been a misprint though.

20150814_221959 20150814_221935Relaxation oil. I have not tried this yet so I am not sure if it works. It has a very strong smell to it. I tried to find this one the site but found nothing. Not even anything similar. Check out http://mothersnaturestore.com

20150814_220707 20150814_220721Sweet orange mint lip balm. Smells very minty. I had R try it, so now it belongs to her. You can purchase your own tube here for $2.50. Or check out pantryhealing`s other products on their Etsy site. This came in a cute little bag. Only downfall is I now have glitter EVERYWHERE. Lol


20150807_134726I hate to be blunt but these rock candies were AWFUL. My three-year old wouldn’t even eat them. I can’t even describe them. They came in the tiny container pictured. Flavors included: Raspberry, Strawberry, Grape, Lemonade, Tropical Punch, and Key Lime. The ingredients were sugar, water, corn syrup, flavoring, and color. They do not sell these on their site so they must have been made for OOTBS. Home and family are offering 25% off all items now through the end of August. Use code HFC000325.

20150814_221152 20150814_221157 20150814_221203 20150814_221247 20150814_221319 20150814_221327 20150814_221347 20150814_221410 20150814_221425 20150814_221449 20150814_221453 20150814_221611 20150814_221620 20150814_221626This contributor had a lot to offer. Not sure why their package said Happy Father`s day, but I was excited about all the stuff in the bag. Can`t wait to try it out. “Scrub those legs” body scrub. I can’t tell exactly what the fragrance is. It smells flowery. Mango peach lip shine. You can definitely smell the Mango in this. Makes your lips incredibly smooth. Leaves them smelling fruity. “Shave those legs.” The directions say to lather on legs and then shave. Sorry I am not sure what this fragrance is either but it smells AMAZING! “Caribbean Escape soap” Smells tropical. “Mad about you” lotion. I am SO excited that they sell these products on their site. They smell SOOO good. I still have the scent on my hands from taking the pictures for this blog. AND they are offering 10% off through the 31st of August. Use code: SUMMER.

20150814_220917 20150814_220904Pink hair clip with pink and white ribbon on it. This now belongs to R and it looks adorable on her. Couldnt find any of these clips on their site. However, they do have similar clips for $2.00. They do not have any coupon codes but they do have cute stuff. Check them out here.

20150814_222230 20150814_222256 20150814_222338Island in the sun sugar scrub. I think it smells like lime. R says raspberry but she thinks everything smells like raspberry. Lucky Seven sent a fairly big sample. I am loving the size of this stuff. You can get their scrubs for $8.00. Get 10% off using code OOB10.

20150814_220802 20150814_220753 20150814_220553I like the fact that these warmers include what the fragrances actually are. Monkey tarts is a little too strong for me. I like Hawaiian breeze. Cant really describe it though. Coconut cream obviously smells like coconut. I gave Bird of paradise away so I don’t remember what it smells like. https://www.etsy.com/shop/LostThyme are offering Free shipping on orders over $30. Code: AUGFREESHIP

20150814_222034 20150814_222045 20150814_222053 Pink lemonade wax melt. I am not sure if this is the correct link or not. https://www.etsy.com/shop/sweetcandlemelts. This scent is too strong for me so I will be re-gifting this. They offered me 10% off my next purchase.

20150814_221716 20150814_221746 20150814_221711 20150814_221701Shea butter soap. This will also be re-gifted because I do not like the scent of this at all. I like the way it looks though. Check them out here.

20150814_222526 20150814_222543Seashell pin. Check them out here.

20150814_220942 20150814_220948Sole smoother. We are gonna try this on S and see if it helps him with issues he has been having lately. Will keep you posted. Check them out here.

20150814_222757Dry shampoo. This was contributed by Teddy & George. This will be given to someone with dark hair as it is for dark tones. Use code BEACH10 to receive 10% off.

20150814_222504 20150814_222451Coffee goats milk soap. Once again another that will be given away or re-gifted. I don’t like smell of this. Offering 25% off all items. Code HFC000325.

20150814_222136 20150814_222132Vermont Apple maple honey wax melt. Smells good. Reminds me off fall. “Get your tart on.”

20150814_223036This is everything. I absolutely love getting these boxes. They smell so good. And you get so much variety. It`s like Christmas every time you get them. Please check them out. OOTBS

Until next time,