Degusta box July 2016


Degustabox is a monthly subscription box that helps you discover new flavors every month. Their mission is to “surprise you each month with food products you love.” They send you at least 10 full-size products every month.

You can earn DEGUSTA points to get free boxes by referring friends. Your friends also save $10 Every 100 points gets you a free box. You can use this link: to join.

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When you first open the box, this is what you will see. I really liked the sticker. It was cute.

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White Lily White Grape and Wheat Flour: I have yet to try this product yet so I can’t comment on this one. $5.49


Goya Maria cookies: Sorry about these not being in the original packaging. Apparently my husband couldn’t wait to open them and try them. These are pretty good. They remind me of animal crackers, without the cute animal shapes. The description of these say they are a favorite across Latin America and Spain. $0.99

20160801_172909 20160801_173009

Loacker Rose of the Dolomite: These were all melted when we received them so that was kind of disappointing. I do like the packaging however. I really don’t have anything to compare these too. They are chocolate in rose shapes (I am assuming – they were melted) with a blend of cream, hazelnut pieces, and milk chocolate. They are also available in dark and white chocolate. $1.76 each and we received 2 of them

20160801_173247 20160801_173254

Popchips Ridges: These were good. I like cheese flavored snacks. They were very light so not a very filling snack. They are also small. These are available in four flavors: salted, tangy BBQ, cheddar & sour cream, and chili cheese. $1.25

20160801_173401 20160801_173405 20160801_173411

Sir Kensington`s Chipotle Mayonnaise: I could not bring myself to try this. I smelled it and the smell was too potent. It is a rich combo of chipotle peppers, and notes of cumin, garlic, and tomato. My husband tried it warm and did not like it. I don’t think he has tried it cold yet. $5.99

20160801_173449 20160801_173457 20160801_173506

Oregon Chai Tea Latte: I have yet to try this but I am not really in a hurry to. I don’t really care for these kind of drinks. Its a powdered mix with 8 packets in the box. $3.99


Goetze`s Cow tales: I absolutely LOVE cow tales. I love the caramel outside and the cream filled inside. This bag was gone in about 2 days. Cow tales are made in the US and are available in Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and caramel apple. $3.49


Vermont Smoke & Cure mini meat sticks: These were horrible! I only tried the pepperoni one because it was so bad I couldn’t bring myself to try the other one. My husband tried both and he said they were both watery.  These are available in 6 packs for $4.99.


Post Honey bunches of Oats with vanilla bunches: I have yet to try this particular cereal but I do enjoy honey bunches of oats. The box has been open so obviously someone in our household has been into them. This is a full size box of cereal so I like that as well. $2.83


And there you have it. Everything in the July Degustabox. I only paid $9.99 for this box, but even if I had paid the full price of $19.99 this box would still be a great buy.  I kind of regret cancelling this box and will probably be re-subscribing in the near future.

Coupon Code: DEGUSTA10 saved me 50% off and I got this box for $9.99 including shipping!

Subscription box: Degustabox

Shipping: Continental US, the UK, and Great Britain. Great Britain has their own website. Shipping is included in the $19.99 price.

As far as receiving your box this is what`s on their website:

“For your first box: If you sign up before the 19th you should receive your box by the 5th of the following month. If you sign up between the 19th and 25th, you should receive your box by the 10th of the following month. If you sign up between the 26th and the last day of the month, you should receive your box by the 15th of the following month. This applies to the first box only. From the second month you will receive your box at the beginning of the month.”

Worth it/ hit the value? I do not believe this has a specific value that I could find. However, compared to the $19.99 price point I would definitely say this box is worth it. But its time for a subscription box break down.

ALO Allure pulp free (not pictured) – $1.99

popchips Ridges – $1.25

Goetze`s cow tales – $3.49

White lily-white grape and wheat flour – $5.49

Sir Kensington`s chipotle mayonnaise – $5.99

Post honey bunches of oats – $2.83

Oregon Chai tea latte – $3.99

Loacker rose of the dolomite – $1.76 each (received 2)

Goya Maria cookies – $.99

Vermont Smoke and cure mini meat sticks – $4.99 for a 6 pack


GRAND TOTAL:            $34.53

What are your thought on The Degustabox?

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