March Danklo box

Second Danklo box I am receiving. Not too satisfied with Danklo box. I will no longer order them. I honestly do not feel like they are worth the money.


20150331_221733  Simple box. Nothing too fancy.

20150331_222148Danklo`s usual guide to whats inside. Gives the run down of everything in your box.

20150331_221813How my box looked when i first opened it.

20150331_222201 20150331_221940 20150331_221903Knife sharpener. Did not come in a box, so I am not sure on brand. Danklo has it retailed for $14. I looked online and found it for no more than $8 on Ebay and that was including shipping.

20150331_222214 20150331_221952 Get up & Go smart cookie. Caffeinated cookie. Danklo has them retailing for 2.49. I looked them up online. (They have a Facebook page, Get up and go caffeinated Baked goods) They sell these cookies at various gas stations in MI and IN for 1.99. No one in my house really cared for it. I`m a big sweets fan and I could not even finish it. I can’t even really describe the taste.

20150331_222229 20150331_221829 20150331_221853Kitchen essentials sink caddy. This is one of 2 things from this box I will actually use and probably get a lot of use out of. Could not find it online so not honestly sure what the actual price is. Danklo retails it at $5. Haven’t used it yet but it is chilling in my sink waiting for me to test it out.

20150331_222027 20150331_222123 20150331_222243Chefland garlic peeler. Danklo`s retail is $3 which is about what I was finding online after shipping. This is the second thing we will use. Hope it works. Last time (S) made Chili he put in way too much garlic so maybe this can help him out a bit.

20150331_222323 20150331_222335 20150331_222308As with all Danklo boxes they include cash. Anywhere from $1-$1000. Nope still no grand for me. Just another dollar bill. Not likely anyone will get the thousand dollars, but who knows.

20150331_222514So this is my last Danklo box. Paid about $20 for the box. Got about $19 worth of stuff including the dollar bill. This box is so not it. So save yourself twenty bucks and get another box.

That`s all folks,


With Easter right around the corner I figured I would switch it up with an Easter poll. Happy early Easter everyone!!


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