Utica Ice cream festival

Every year in May the town of, Utica has their annual Ice cream festival. Utica is home of  Velvet Ice cream so it makes sense that they would have this festival. Now I hadn`t been to this festival in years. I used to go every year as a kid growing up in Utica. I actually went twice this year. Once on Saturday with S and R and again on Sunday with R and my mother and step-dad. R had a blast both days. She loved it. They added bounce houses and a bunch of inflatable toys so I can see why she loved it. This festival has much to offer. It`s mainly a big craft fair, but it also offers live entertainment such as music and contests. They have car shows and bike shows. They have lots of food. The only downfall was there weren`t many places to sit so you were practically standing the entire day. It is free to get inside the actual festival but they do charge a $5 parking fee per vehicle. 20150523_130847

Inflatable soccer field. 20150524_122236

The traffic on the second day was ridiculous. 20150524_130216

The inflatables. You could buy individual tickets to use or buy a band. We bought R a band on both days. It was $10 for all day. As many times as you wanted to go.20150524_130300 20150524_152541

Ohio`s ice cream capital… You can visit the Ye Olde mill all year long. They give tours and have a little playground. Let`s not forget the ice cream you can get there. 20150524_153903

Horse drawn carriage R wanted to ride in. She said she felt like a princess. 20150524_155006 20150524_155108

From the car show on the second day.

So that basically covers the Ice cream festival. I hope to go back next year. It`s a lot of fun. Be sure to check it out next year. Also, check out the Ye Olde Mill sometime.



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