WiBargain small Target clothing box August 2021

I purchased the small Target clothing box from Wibargain. They are originally $50 but I used a coupon code and got it for about $27 including shipping. It took about 3 business days to get to me. It was sent in the same box as my Amazon box. There were 16 items in this box. My overall value was $122.79. This doesn’t include items that I was not able to find a price on. There was also one item I had to throw away because it had someting seriously gross and crusty on it. This was also a great box. If you are interested in purchasing any of the items I am selling let me know in the comments. I will update these once I sell each item to let you know how much they sold for. If you would like to purchase your own WiBargain box, you can do so here. My code should automatically by applied, but if it isn’t use code BAMG15 for 20% Off. Let me know how your box turns out!

Everything from the small Target clothing box. Got a good bit of items.
Arrived in great condition. Like new. No hairs on it. Not my size though, so I will not be keeping this.
2 of these briefs were still attached to the packaging. The rest were just tossed in the box, which may be why we ended up with 2 extra pairs? Win for me, because these fit Xander.
Random pair or boys underwear, different size than the briefs pictured above. These will not fit anyone in our house.
They were all still loosely attached to the package. I love the colors! And they were the right size for October. Found another keeper. YAY!
Completely random pair of kids underwear. These will definitely not fit anyone in our house.
Kept these. They are cute. I like color of these as well. And they are pretty comfy.
Comfortable pair of shorts for October.
I like the lace design on these, but they are the wrong size.
This was still in a really great condition. Like new. Would probably fit our youngest, but she would never wear it. Putting this one up for sale.
Another item that I believe should have been part of a package. On Targets website, the shirts like this all came as part of a 2 pack. I couldn’t find any single ones. Won’t fit anyone here, this item is up for sale.
This was supposed to be part of a 3 pc set. I’m not sure if someone only returned this part of it? Or maybe they split it up at the WiBargain warehouse? Either way it is a very colorful top. However, it’s too small for Riley. Going to attempt to sell just the one pc from the set.
I think this thing is hideous. But to each their own, I guess. This had pet hair all over it. You can still see some in the photo. Attempting to sell this.
This is ok looking, but I’m not really big into cheetah prints. Was sent in good shape though.
This is pretty.  It’s just not my style.  Plus it’s see through.  Avri would probably like it,  if it wasn’t pink.