LootCrate – July 2016 Futuristic



LootCrate “partners with the largest movie studios, game companies, comic publishers, and general pop culture talent to deliver multiple lines of monthly themed mystery boxes to fans around the world.” They have a variety of crates available for sale. The classic LootCrate, LootCrateDX, LootAnime, LootPets, LootGaming, Firefly Cargo Crate, and Halo Legendary Crate.

Again, every Loot box aims to hit a $60 value. We will do the break down at the end of this blog.

We pay $19.95 per month for this box. ($13.95 plus $6 shipping and handling)

I did not take a picture of the box when I first opened it. (Slacking, I know)



Star Trek the next generation dedication plaque replica decal. Will cover 4.5 x 3 inches of the surface you chose to stick it on. And can be re-positioned if needed. $2.94 on Amazon.


Valiant comics reading guide. #1 4001 AD. Unable to find on either Ebay or Amazon… I’ll give it $5


The Loot pin Star Trek July 2016 Futuristic. I am not going to price this out.

3″ Mega Man Red Variant figure (Kidrobot). The majority of these are selling for $7.99 on Amazon.


Futurama “Planet Express” ship model. These are starting at $11.27 on Amazon.


Rick and Morty tee. I could not find this shirt on Amazon, however, I did find it sold on Ebay for around $10.


And there you have it. July 2016 LootCrate.

Coupon code: None

Subscription box: LootCrate

Cost: $13.95 plus $6 shipping and handling

Products: 1 shirt, 1 pin, 1 comic, 3 collectibles.

Shipping: $5 for US locations. They ship do US, Canada, and international locations.

Worth it / hit the value? Box sells for $19.95. ($13.95 before shipping and handling)


T-shirt –                $10.00

Model –                $11.27

figure –                 $7.99

Reading guide – $5.00

decal –                  $2.94


Grand total:      $37.20

This box did not hit the $60 value. It did however, beat the price we paid for it by $23.25 (I did not count the shipping cost.) LootCrate usually does better than this. This box was mediocre.

What did you think about this months LootCrate?

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