Datelivery is a monthly subscription box for couples. They offer 3 plans starting at $25 a month. Boxes begin shipping on the 15th of every month. They do provide tracking numbers for you to track your box. Mine only took 2 days!!20150317_21194720150317_211956 20150317_212007                                 First look at my box. It was packaged so nicely. 20150317_212021Greetings card from Datelivery. Covering the basics of their boxes. Also gives a glimpse of what will be in your box. 20150317_212032Description of your date night. The stakes. Pre night preparation. Suggestions and a run down of whats in the box. This months theme was Viva Las Vegas: Casino Night.20150317_212053 20150317_212101The games and how to play them. Step by step detailed instructions. Very helpful. 20150317_213916 20150317_213921Game 1 was Roulette. This is the Datelivery roulette spin wheel. (front and back) 20150317_213048 20150317_213230Chance, reward & action cards (top picture) and question cards that were used in the game. 20150317_21213520150317_21222320150317_213934Poker chips, Sticky note pad, and pen( pen and paper were used for answers to the question cards) 20150317_214011 20150317_212943 Game 2 was “swap” poker. These are the cards provided as well as a hand ranks card. (which was handy because neither me nor S knew how to play poker) 20150317_213305 20150317_213759“Bluffing shades” sent in plastic wrap. We only used these for a few minutes. Now they are toys for the kids to play with. 20150317_213815 20150317_213142 20150317_213125 20150317_213828And lastly the costume accessories for the loser. (To put on a Las Vegas show for the winner) And Oceans Eleven (a Las Vegas movie, something we can add to S`s movie collection) 20150317_213840This was really the only thing I didn’t like about this box. When I received my movie is was like it has already been opened or at least attempted to be opened. Maybe it was just from the delivery. Who knows? 20150317_214204So this is it. I paid $25. (couldn’t find any promo codes) Not sure on exact value of everything in t his box. Majority of it was obviously made and not purchased. And out of the things that were they all look like Dollar Store items, minus the movie which you can probably get from Walmart`s $5 bin. However, this box may not have the material value worth $25 but S and I had a wonderful night. It was so much fun just the two of us hanging out together. No kids. No work. No phones. So I feel this box was definitely worth it and I will get it again down the road. xoxo, B


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