Hey everyone S here I’m a little behind on this but I’m finally going to get this done. This will be January’s LootCrate review. I have been a member since December and I am quite pleased with it so far. We have the 19.95 plan ( that’s including s/h cost) which is a pretty great deal for the value I feel you get in these boxes. What I also enjoy about LootCrate is the mega crates that you have a chance to win every month. Most boxes offer this but not on the value level that LootCrate does. This months box was REWIND.

             First thing I received in my box was a Voltron blue print T-shirt. I was never a huge Voltron fan but I really enjoy the look of this shirt with all of the Japanese writing. This is a LootCrate exclusive so you can find this one Ebay from 9.99 and upwpid-20150407_083441.jpg

               Next up is an exclusive retro arcade skinny tie in the theme of space invaders. Now this one is really cool because I am a huge gamer/nerd and space invaders and Pacman were one of the first (not including Mario) games that I was introduced to. The quality of this tie is that of any tie that you would purchase. Since this was also an exclusive I’ve only been able to find this on ebay from 2.99 and up.                Now this is pretty cool it is also an exclusive and its called 10-doh! figures. These have the look of classic Nintendo cartridges but the design on them are spoofing a movie (that’s the LootCrate exclusive ones), tv shows, or video games. And they have little eyes, hands and feet also an old school laser gun (duck hunt style). Not really something I’m into but the novelty of these figures are pretty cool. If you try to buy these on their site they are about $35 a piece ( I think) but I found a mini BLIND box on amazon for $9.94 plus shipping http://www.amazon.com/BLINDBOX-10-Doh-Series-Designer-Figures/dp/B008S2JOZY

Now this one got ruined for me before I even got the box :'(. But it was a pleasant surprise because I f#$%@%! LOVE STAR WARS! 20150407_083746Sorry the picture isn’t the clearest but it came in shrink wrap and I didn’t want to take it out lol. This is a LootCrate exclusive variant cover for Star Wars issue 1 from marvel. Now I already have 3 other copies of this comic ( all with different covers) but what I like about this one is that it features Han solo and Chewbacca smuggling out a shipment of LootCrate boxes. Amazon has this listed for $7.47 plus shipping.

Here’s another exclusive nothing major but still pretty awesome. Sunglasses shaped in 8-bit. Now I’ve tried these on since the pic and they are fairly comfortable and since those sunny summer days are coming these will get alot of use.  http://www.thinkgeek.com has this listed for 7.99 not the same style but they offer all different kinds, 20150407_083648

and last but not least is a comic notebook. This is pretty cool if you’re good at drawing or just like to doodle. It has a whole bunch of comic panels and various stencils inside. I’m not going to bother putting a price for this because i feel its probably fairly cheap or post people will just buy a notebook for their doodles.20150407_083637

Well that’s my review of the January LootCrate. Overall a pretty amazing box 5 out of 6 items were exclusives. Also included every month is a themed pin of that month and a little book that has a review of everything that is in the box. Grand total of this box is $63.44 that is if one 10-doh figure is 35 a piece. So for the $19.95 price this is a hell of a deal! If you are interested in giving it a shot please use my offer code http://looted.by/bW2cY  im not sure if it will get you a discount but I know it’ll help me out. If you have any questions, comments or criticism feel free to comment below I/we welcome it.




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