Lootcrate June 2018: COLOSSAL

Lootcrate June 2018 box


Cost: $19.99

Shipping cost and time: $5 shipping and handling. Shipment information was sent to FedEx on May 16th. I received the email with the tracking information on 5/26. We received it on 5/31.

Colossal info sheet

“God destroyed dinosaurs. God created man. Man destroyed God. Man created dinosaurs. Dinosaurs eat man… woman inherits the earth.”

EXCLUSIVE Jurassic Park t-shirt: Incredibly soft. Licensed from Universal. Super comfortable. Was an excellent addition to our Jurassic Park collection. I can not wait to steal it from Steve for our trip to Universal Studios. Cost: I could not find this on Amazon or SOLD on Ebay. They are currently listed on Ebay from $1-7 with low shipping cost. I would give this $10.


LOOT CRATE EDITION Godzilla plush: Licensed from Warner Bros. Made by Kidrobot. This thing is adorable. Even though he has an angry look on his face, he is a super cute and cuddly “little” lizard. Came packaged in plastic. Cost: Sells for $11.56 on Amazon for a gray one by Kidrobot. So I will give this one $11.


EXCLUSIVE Ghostbusters drawstring backpack: Licensed from Sony. 100% Polyester. Can not be washed. Not made with the sturdiest materials. It feels incredibly thin. However, Steve is planning to use it when we go to Universal so we will see how it holds up. Cost: Again, for this one I couldn`t really find anything. There is literally ONE on Ebay listed for $5 with $3 shipping. I`m gonna give it $4.


LOOT CRATE EDITION Hulk lenticular print: Licensed from Marvel. Made by Open Road. I feel like this print is honestly just a 3D picture placed on a cardboard backing. But, it is a sturdy picture. It was sent in a plastic covering as well, which was nice. One side shows Bruce Banner in various poses and the other shows just onE BIG HULLLKKKK. Not sure what Steve plans to do with this one. Cost: This wasn`t found on Amazon, but on Ebay it is listed for between $3-12 including the shipping. We are gonna price it out at $8.



EXCLUSIVE Jurassic Park Dilophosaurus  pin: Licensed by Universal. This pin is EPIC. I seriously love this thing. Steve is unaware, but this is going to go “missing”. This has to be my favorite thing out of this box. Cost: Unavailable on Amazon. Listed for between $8-16 with free shipping. Boxesandmoregalore pricing $10.

“This makes the Dilophosaurus a beautiful, but deadly addition to Jurassic Park.”


Overall Boxesandmoregalore total pricing: $43

Overall Value: $18. The products Loot Crate have been sending out within the past few months have definitely begun to go downhill. However, for this month they upped their game. So in the words of Ian Malcolm for the June 2018 box: “You did it. You crazy son a b*$%?, you did it.” 


If you`re interested in receiving Loot Crate subscription boxes be sure to check out all the options they offer by following this link.



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