Splash cup and frozen tshirts

I am not going to upload any photos of these activities. The only ones I have all have the kids in them. With the way some people are now a days I am not comfortable having their pictures out there. So I will just cover the details. Like usual I got both of these ideas from Pinterest. I absolutely love that site! Splash cup is a super fun game. Nice to play on those hot days. You take a cup for each person playing. One of those cups will be filled up with water. Everyone stands in a line from tallest to shortest. The person in the front takes the cup over their head and attempts to dump it into the cup of the person behind them. The person behind them has to attempt to catch the water into their cup. This continues on until all the water is gone. I filled up the cup a few times because the kids enjoyed this so much.


Frozen t-shirt race: For this one I grabbed a shirt for each child. S helped me out with this one. He got each shirt wet and placed them in the freezer. When I got home I pulled them out and we all went outside. The kids had to work to get their shirts apart. Then they had to get them on. This one wasn’t as big of a hit. The kids couldn’t get their shirts apart and on. They also didn’t like them being that cold. Two of them ended up crying.

This should have me all caught up with all the activity nights so far. Woo hoo.




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