Diaper babies & diaper couch

My cousin`s wife is expecting a new baby within the next few months. Last Saturday she had her baby shower. I had been on Pinterest beforehand and came across a few ideas I wanted to try out for her. These were two separate pins, however, I ended up combining the both of them. The instructions for the diaper babies can be found here. I couldn`t find any instructions for the couch. I only had a picture that I used for inspiration. Mine did not turn out anywhere near as cute as this one, but the only thing I had to go off of was this picture.


This is my finalized version.

The first thing I did was the diaper babies. I followed the instructions step by step. Only thing I did differently was I just tucked the washcloth underneath and I did it behind the baby. I did not use any pins.

20150625_214111 20150625_214118 20150625_214129I did two different types of eyes for both babies. The one I just used a pen and drew on the eyes. The other one I hot glued wiggly eyes to.


Now as for the couch I had an old Christmas box that I used. ( The kind you use to put clothes into wrap up.) I used that to hold the couch. I took 4 diapers and wrapped them together. Then I took a larger washcloth and wrapped it around the diapers with black hairbands. (Probably should have used clear.) I did the same thing for the arms and the back except I used different amounts of diapers. For the arms I only used 3 and for the back I used 6. After I finished that I wrapped it all together using some ribbon. 20150625_214136

I had the mates to the socks that I used for the diaper babies still and I wasn’t sure what to do with them. So, I just rolled them up and tucked them in the corner of the couch. I placed binkies on each side of the couch. 20150625_214046Now the couch was finished. I just sat the diaper babies on top of it.

20150625_214259 20150625_214306For the stand I took a jar of baby food and placed a baby washcloth over top of it. I then took a ribbon and wrapped it around the washcloth to hold it in place (not an easy task to accomplish alone).

20150625_214315The final touch was the lamp. I should have used a smaller bottle, however this was what I had bought so I used it. I just sat it on top of the “stand,” took a cupcake liner, and hot glued it to the top of the bottle.

20150625_214246I had some extra diapers and wash clothes so I just laid them down in front of the couch sort of like a rug or carpet.

20150624_132801 20150625_214039

And there you have it. My diaper couch that looks nothing like the Pinterest picture. Lol.

That`s all for now.



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