Beauty and the beast

11825191_10155765312260276_128350587342682385_n 11193272_10155765312320276_1192011224201025544_nTonight`s movie was Beauty and the beast. Appetizers were hot hors d’oeuvres aka little smokies. For the main course we were “served” the beasts beastly burgers which were just hamburgers piled with various toppings. I think S just wanted to grill out. The side dish was Felipe`s Galloping greens (salad). To drink we had Gaston`s Brew. This was the kids favorite of the night. I found the recipe on you guessed it… Pinterest. It is really easy to make and tastes amazing. You can find the link for this here. I did not use the marshmallow syrup. We couldn’t find it. For the mango juice we used Welch`s Mango Twist cocktail. Lastly, for desert we had Belle`s Pineapple whip. I used all the ingredients listed on this one. Where it says to use either honey or sugar I went with the honey. I thought this stuff was actually quite good. The link for desert can be found here. And that`s it. I`m so happy that we are getting back into actually putting effort into these meals again. I like getting to be creative.

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