Hello there world, S (or Steve as I’m also called) here with my review for April 2019’s Loot Crate, themed showdown.

So where do I begin? Let’s start with the most recent price change. Effective with this box, the monthly subscription has increased to $24.99a month plus shipping which is about a total of $29.98. 😮😮😮 My faith in Loot Crate has been declining over the last year and this price combined with the late shipments( they’ve already revealed the June Loot Crate at the time of writing this) and the subpar item quality, is making me want to just say see you later fam.

Ok so when you open your crate this is what your eyes will feast on.

So far so good, it looks like a nice full box of nerd treasures.

First up in our box, we have an ORIGINAL Avengers 3D Comic Standee. I’d set this value around $10. It comes in a plain black box with some fancy The Avengers logo work and the top part of what I assume is Caps shield on one side.

When you open the box you will find a nicely packed 3D comic standee with your favorite ( or not so favorite) iconic marvel character. Once you removed the secure packing he is in, this is what you get to behold.

I added a pic for comparison. The back drop is a pretty close reproduction. But what in the hell is going on with iron man on the Loot Crate display?!?! He has a barely printed on face and really no attention to detail. I don’t know why you would make him stand out but not give him any detail.

Next is it just me, or does Captain America look like he’s so constipated that he is about to explode? Overall I think they did a decent job trying to recreate this comic book cover as a standee but it does seem like it was poorly constructed and rushed. This is a Loot Crate made product.

The next item is the always included shirt. This months tee was a mystery tee. The insert says that you could have received a shirt from one of many popular franchises, one of which being Jurassic park, which is my favorite movie of all time!!! So kinda bummed that I didn’t get a JP themed shirt 😪. However the shirt I got was still cool, and that shirt was……

This EPIC Adventure Time shirt. Not much to say about this that the design isn’t already telling you. I’d price this shirt at around $7.

The next thing that was in my box is super weird. I got a can of redbull and a promo card offering me the chance to play with ninja. #1.) I think Ninja is just an over hyped twitch personality and I really don’t care about him and #2.) this wasn’t included in the items card so I don’t know if it was just a random promotion or if some worker (let’s call him joe) got side tracked and left his redbull in my crate. Either way thanks joe for the redbull. I’d price the redbull at around $3-4.99.

Now these are pretty cool. They come in a burlap pouch and they are a pair (2) of metal straws. Now I’m far from environment friendly but I do like this idea over plastic straws. At first I was like, “Wtf? These are stupid.” But B (also known as Beth) was like, “Those are pretty cool.” And the more I thought about it, the more I thought about the damage plastic straws do to the environment and how this is a nice step to preventing that. So kudos Loot Crate. I’d price these at around $3-$5.

Next we got this pretty standard Blu ray release poster. I price this at $0 since it’s just a promo piece. This was supposed to come with an Aquaman challenge coin, but there was a note on the card explaining that there was a delay with the coins and that they will be shipped at a later date. This says that it is a Loot Crate made product but it doesn’t really seem like it is. Side note this is the second time that this has happened in the last few boxes. The last time was with the Snake Plisken eye patch.

Next we received this BattleStar Galactica swag. It’s a range target which is something that they have included in one of their other boxes. It’s just a picture of one of the robots from the show that you can use for target practice or I’m guessing just to display in your room. I would price this one out at $3.

Here we have a Godzilla art print set. It includes three different prints. If you get into prints then you’ll like how gorgeous these are. For me they just take up more and more space with each box we receive🤣. I’d price these at around $4. These are also a Loot Crate made item.

Next we have a pretty standard pin. I really enjoy the design of this pin. It’s suppose to depict the fight between good and evil. I’d price this at around $2. This is also a Loot Crate made product.

And there you have it. That’s everything included in the April 2019 box themed showdown. Like I stated above, Loot Crate has changed their price to 29.98. By the pricing I have, this boxes value is around 35.99. At that price the quality and the amount of items (and types of items) are starting to become not worth the price. What do you think? did you like this months box? Be sure to comment below and let us know what you think.

Until next time, Stay curious my friends.


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