LootAnime June 2016


LootAnime is a monthly subscription box from the creators of LootCrate. It features many favorite anime and manga items. They claim every box has 4-6 Items from the best Anime & Manga Series and exclusive Anime & Manga gear. They should have a value of $60. We shall see….

Normally these boxes run $24.95 a month plus shipping and handling.

However, my husband bought it off of a Facebook selling wall for $23.99 including shipping.


So when you first open the box this is what you see. Now this may not be exactly what it looks like as we bought it off of someone else but this is basically the gist of it.

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Pictured above was the first item I pulled out. This item is a Free! Eternal Summer water bottle. This bottle is pretty cool, even though it has a twist off cap. The images on the bottle appear when cold water is added to it. It also includes a carabiner  clip. I only found one of these on Ebay. Someone had it listed for $3.00 with $7.75 shipping.

Next up, an EXCLUSIVE JAKKS Pacific Splatoon plush. This is just a soft squid plush from SPLATOON. According to the poster this green version is only available from LootAnime. This is selling for $29.95 with free shipping on Amazon.


Another exclusive item, Yowamushi pedal metallic cover manga VOL 1. This manga features a LootAnime exclusive metallic cover. This tells the story of a cycling club. This is listed for $16.32 with free shipping on Amazon. However, the ones on Amazon do not have the metallic cover.

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Free! Luggage tag. Has animal characters in this liquid fill tag. l am finding this for about $3.

The last few items were the VICTORY phone charm and the Yowamushi pedal t-shirt. I would probably put about $2 on the phone charm. For the shirt, I am giving $10.


All of the items that were in the box and the information on them were featured on the back side of this poster.

Lootanime is from the creators of LootCrate. They also have the following crates available:

LootGaming, LootPets, LootCrateDX, Firefly Cargo Crate, Level Up apparel, and Halo Legendary Crate. All boxes vary in pricing. Be sure to head over to LootCrate to check out all the awesomeness that is inside each crate.

Coupon code: None used – purchased off of someone else

Subscription box: LootAnime

Cost: $24.95 / month plus shipping and handling. (Purchased for $23.99 plus shipping)

Products: 1 shirt, 1 poster, and 5 items.

Shipping: $5 for US locations. They do ship to the US, Canada, and International locations.


Worth it / Hit the value? LootAnime claims to have a $60 value. (Seems to be a trend in our boxes lately) The box sells for $24.95 plus shipping and handling. ($5, so $29.95)

Time for our break down:

Plush….             $29.95

Water bottle… $3.00

Book…                $16.32

Luggage tag…  $3.00

Charm…            $2.00

T-shirt…             $10.00


Grand total:    $64.27

This box did hit its $60 value, it went over that total by $4.27. I`m not in to Anime at all so I did not care for this box. Hubby says it was “Meh.” Let us know what you think.

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