Geek Fuel EXP Volume 1

Geek Fuel EXP Volume 1

Theme: EXP Volume 1. This is the first box since Geek Fuel switched to a quarterly (every 3 months) box. These boxes are stated to be bigger and better than the previous monthly subscriptions. Geek Fuel states that these boxes are GUARANTEED a $100 value in every box.

Cost: $57 per quarter

Shipping cost and time: $8 shipping and handling. Shipment information was sent to FedEx May 30th. I received my tracking number May 31st and my box was delivered June 11th. (I know I am delayed on this one)


EXP exclusive Deadpool t-shirt “The Wade-y bunch”: Soft. 100% cotton. Made in Nicaragua. Ours was received with a very small hole in the neck of the shirt which is a little disappointing, but not enough to deter from the overall rating of the box. Cost: Sold on Ebay from $9.99 – 24.99. Boxes and more gives it $10. (I do like the box the shirt came in.)

EXP exclusive Cowabunga pizza cutter: This is very heavy-duty. Comfortable with a non-slip grip. Dishwasher safe. Made in China. Manufactured by Geek Fuel. We can`t wait to try this out. Cost: Selling on Ebay for $15 – $27. We give it $20. Steve loves TMNT and this is definitely is an excellent addition to our unique kitchen accessories. 

Lego Star Wars “Chronicles of the Force” collectible book & figure: Only item in the box that is not an exclusive. Hard copy book with exclusive mini figure. 95 color pages that depict the Star Wars story with LEGO. From characters to vehicles and everything in between. Cost: Retail value has this book at $16.99 US. So we are also going to give it that price.



Exclusive Wolverine #1 comic cover: classic canvas art: Made in China. Canvas print. High quality item. Has a hook on the back to hang it on your wall. Cost: I was only able to find one that had sold on Ebay. It sold for $8.95 with free shipping. Boxes and more gives it a value of $10. It is a very nice item especially for anyone who is a die-hard Wolverine fan.



Exclusive Game of Thrones: Titan Vinyl figure exclusive night king: 3 inch vinyl figure. 13 various ones to collect. All the other options are shown in the photos below. This was cool since it was the glow in the dark edition. The main Geek Fuel box was created so you can fold it into a Castle black diorama and create your own scenes. (Shown in the overview photo) I was not able to get a photo of just the figure as my youngest swiped this. But you can see it in the photo of the box. Cost: listed on Ebay for $14.95. We give it $8.

Exclusive Pin Palz: Planet of the Apes edition: Made in China. 1 of 6. George Taylor in the Space suit was the rare one, that we unfortunately, did not receive. Ours features George Taylor (Prisoner) and hunt leader. Also, includes an ANSA button. Cost: $20 and up on Ebay. I`m going to give it half of that and price it at a value of $10.


Exclusive Bob`s burger makin apron: Made in China. 100% Polyester. This is a fairly good-sized apron. It features characters from Bob`s burgers. Not gonna lie I couldn`t even name any of them. I never got into this show. Cost: $12 on Ebay. Boxes and more value: $10.

Overall Boxesandmoregalore total pricing: $84.99

Overall Value: $19.99. Well, the first box we received of Geek Fuels EXP subscription boxes did not hit the over $100 value that they claim to guarantee. However, according to our pricing we did see almost a $20 overall value, which isn’t bad. I still enjoy Geek Fuel and will continue to keep my subscription with them. Keep up the good work Geek Fuel.


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