WiBargain small Amazon box August 2021

I purchased the small Amazon box from Wibargain. They are originally $50 but I used a coupon code and got it for about $27 including shipping. It took about 3 business days to get to me. There were 10 items in this box. My overall value was $130.99. Not too bad if you ask me, I was able to more than double what I paid. If you are interested in purchasing any of the items I am selling let me know in the comments. I will update these once I sell each item to let you know how much they sold for. If you would like to purchase your own WiBargain box, you can do so here. My code should automatically by applied, but if it isn’t use code BAMG15 for 20% Off. Let me know how your box turns out!

I am very short so this was way too long for me. Not keeping this one. Will be available for purchase. *Sold for $1*
I don’t usually like to wear bathing suits. But I thought this was cute and it fit me. This is one of the things I like about these boxes. You end up with some things that you otherwise wouldn’t purchase for yourself. I will be keeping this. (Just this one outfit covered the cost of my box)
This did arrive with some pet hair on it. I tossed it in the wash and it took care of that. I didn’t care for this bra so I will be selling it. *Sold for $5*
I was disappointed that these had a small hole on the back of them. They will not fit my kids anymore so I will give them to a family member who has kids they will fit. They would still make good play clothes.
This item was meh. I already have so many face masks so I don’t really have a need for these. I will be selling them. *Sold for $0.50*
This is super cute. I actually took the picture of the top piece upside down. 🙃 oops. If I had the body and confidence to wear this (and it was my size.) this would definitely be a keeper. This will be available for someone to purchase.
Keeping this. Super cute and comfy. Just the perfect length I need. 👌
Another cute bathing suit. I haven’t tried it on yet but if I can’t sell it I might try it on and keep it if it fits. Yes, this one is also for sale. *Edit: sold for $15.*

This is a nice pj set. The top has a heart on it. It did arrive with a lot of hairs on it. I have it in the washer as I’m writing this so hopefully it takes care of that. This was too big for me and even if it was my size I probably wouldn’t keep it. It’s too warm for my liking.