Wibargain Amazon large box

I purchased the large WiBargain Amazon box on 8.14.2021. This one cost me $125. Shipping is free for these boxes. It took me 7 business days to recieve this box. I ordered it on a Saturday and received it on a Tuesday. This box had 18 items in it. Two duds in this box, but I was able to fix one of them. Overall value of this box was $190.06. It does have a higher value because there were items that I couldn’t find at all and some that I couldn’t find anything similar. Highly recommend. Especially if you are able to get a discount. 😉😉⬇️⬇️⬇️

If you are interested in this box, be sure to use this link to receive 20% off. The discount should automatically populate, but if it does not use code BAMG15.

One of my duds. EnviraScapes water fountain. Received broken and used. It did come with all the pieces. The instructions had not even been opened. I put it all together, but I can’t get the water to flow. Was a bummer it didn’t work, looked peaceful. Found this on Amazon here for $22.99.
Box of 4″ wheels. Only came with 3. The ones I found on Amazon all came with 4. It came with all the hardware needed. The closest thing I could find was $27.99.
Womens Adidas visor, new. This was in great condition. On Amazon for $20. Available in different colors.
Basic Concepts door stopper. Was opened and used. Had some of the paper backing peeled off of some sections. Hairs were stuck all over the sticky parts. Sells for $7.95.
I don’t think this has been used. It was still neatly packaged. Available in different colors on Amazon for $22.99. *I already sold this for $12.*
Exclusivo mezcla 100% cotton Beach towel. 30×60. The blue has bled onto the white in some spots. Available in different sizes and colors. This one can be found here for $15.99.
Game of phones offline pack. I was unable to find this individual pack on Amazon. Arrived still in package. Good condition. The actual game can be found here.
Rabbit goo harness, cherry pink. Size small. Had been used. Had pet hair on it. Available in different colors and sizes. This one sells for $21.23.
Voyager pet harness, size small. Had been used. This one was covered in pet hair. This same size and color can be found here for $13.99.
Dog costume. No brand. Size small. Used. Could not find this on Amazon. *Sold for $3.*

Keliiyo 8 way coaxial splitter. New. Still in package. Purchase this here for $16.99.

Limnuo silicone pastry mat. Was shipped in plastic. This was on sale for $8.95. Now, its available for purchase for $9.95. *sold this for $5*

Couldn’t find this exact one. This is the closest one I could find. Similar one sells for $8.

Available with different prints and colors. This particular one sells for $11.99. Super cute and lightweight.

If I knew for a fact I would use this and not have it just sit in my cabinet, I would keep this butter dish. Better butter brand. New, received still packaged in original box. Sells for $18.99.

Diet drops. New. They were sealed. Couldn’t find this company on Amazon. Most of the drops seemed to be about $7-$15.

My other dud. However, my husband did a wonderful job fixing him so I ended up keeping him. He is our “story telling” bear. I tried to do an Amazon search for him but all I was finding was fox items.

Overall, this was a decent box. Not much in this one for me to keep. Hopefully, I can resell most of these items. I’ll probably end up waiting a little while before I get another Amazon box. I do like the mystery behind these boxes and the fact that you may end up getting something you wouldn’t typically purchase for yourself. Let me know what you think of this box. What box should we try next? 🤔


Wibargain Small Womens clothing box

I purchased the small WiBargain clothing box on 8.14.2021. They are regularly $50, but I had a code to use and was able to get this box for $35. Shipping is free for these boxes. It took me 5 business days to recieve this box. I ordered it on a Saturday and recieved it the next Saturday. This box had 16 items. Only one dud. Overall value of this box was $205.33. Highly recommend. Especially if you are able to get a discount. 😉😉⬇️⬇️⬇️

If you are interested in this box, be sure to use this link to receive 20% off. The discount should automatically populate, but if it does not use code BAMG15.

Unboxing video can be found here.

I love this dress. But, it’s not my size. 😞 No tags or brand on the dress itself. I think I found the same one or one really close on Amazon. It’s on MTilly store. Can be purchased here for $27.19
Youth bra, Unbranded. No tags.
I2crazy 2 piece swimming suit, size large. New with tags. Can be purchased here for $24.64
Another Unbranded item, size large. I couldn’t find this exact item online. No tags.
Amazon essentials XL. New with tags. I couldn’t find this exact top. Similar items were priced at about $15.
Womens Bali bras. Size 42D. New with tags. Available for purchase on Amazon here for $22. I do believe this one was purchased from Kohls for $6.89, because the tag has the same clearance stickers Kohls uses.
No brand. No size. But not for me. No tags.
Girls Maidenform bra. New with tags 30A. The closest I could find was on Amazon for $5.85.
Womens Playtex 18 hour 4 way support bra, 38D. New in package. Can be purchased on Amazon for $16.40.
Womens Hanes bikinis sz 6. Was a 10 pack, but we only had 7 in our box. Found similar set on Walmarts website for $15.47
One of the duds from this box. This was a 3 pack of XL sports bras. The light blue one had obviously been tried on. They left deodorant stains. There was also a brown substance on it. The other 2 were in good condition. Similar ones sell on Amazon for $11.
How cute is this bathing suit? Ekouaer 1 piece. New with tags. Large. Can be purchased here for $33.89
Ekouaer nightgown, size small. No tags. Found on Amazon for $23.89. Not currently available in small.
Womens romper with pockets. Size small. No tags. No brand. I think this particular one is fairly inexpensive. I would say probably $10.

WiBargain small Amazon box August 2021

I purchased the small Amazon box from Wibargain. They are originally $50 but I used a coupon code and got it for about $27 including shipping. It took about 3 business days to get to me. There were 10 items in this box. My overall value was $130.99. Not too bad if you ask me, I was able to more than double what I paid. If you are interested in purchasing any of the items I am selling let me know in the comments. I will update these once I sell each item to let you know how much they sold for. If you would like to purchase your own WiBargain box, you can do so here. My code should automatically by applied, but if it isn’t use code BAMG15 for 20% Off. Let me know how your box turns out!

I am very short so this was way too long for me. Not keeping this one. Will be available for purchase. *Sold for $1*
I don’t usually like to wear bathing suits. But I thought this was cute and it fit me. This is one of the things I like about these boxes. You end up with some things that you otherwise wouldn’t purchase for yourself. I will be keeping this. (Just this one outfit covered the cost of my box)
This did arrive with some pet hair on it. I tossed it in the wash and it took care of that. I didn’t care for this bra so I will be selling it. *Sold for $5*
I was disappointed that these had a small hole on the back of them. They will not fit my kids anymore so I will give them to a family member who has kids they will fit. They would still make good play clothes.
This item was meh. I already have so many face masks so I don’t really have a need for these. I will be selling them. *Sold for $0.50*
This is super cute. I actually took the picture of the top piece upside down. 🙃 oops. If I had the body and confidence to wear this (and it was my size.) this would definitely be a keeper. This will be available for someone to purchase.
Keeping this. Super cute and comfy. Just the perfect length I need. 👌
Another cute bathing suit. I haven’t tried it on yet but if I can’t sell it I might try it on and keep it if it fits. Yes, this one is also for sale. *Edit: sold for $15.*

This is a nice pj set. The top has a heart on it. It did arrive with a lot of hairs on it. I have it in the washer as I’m writing this so hopefully it takes care of that. This was too big for me and even if it was my size I probably wouldn’t keep it. It’s too warm for my liking.