👻Walmart Halloween box 2021 👻

^ I tried to show the star stamp, it didn’t show up the greatest, but you can make it out. I’ll probably never use this end, but the stamps do come out clear and look great. My daughter loves it. 😂 The felt pen is amazing. Goes on so smooth. I have been using this for about 4 days now and have not had to redo my makeup. The eyeliner I usually use I end up putting on to thick or its uneven. With this it glides on easily.
I like using this setting spray. It’s not necessarily a favorite, but it does help set my makeup. I like the size I got, the cost of this almost paid for the entire box.
I haven’t used this yet, but can’t wait until I do. Hopefully these colors look OK on me. I usually stick with browns. I love the container they used for this. It’s so spooky and cute!
I don’t wear lipstick so I won’t be using this. But look at the price of this lipstick. And I got the whole box for less. If you haven’t already signed up for this box, please do yourself a favor and sign up. It’s so worth it.
Rileys pretty excited to use this when we go to our concert. Hopefully they last through the whole thing.
These clips are cute and it’s a good idea. But I prefer regular Bobby pins. These don’t go in your hair as easily as they do.

Overall, I love the Walmart boxes. Yes, there may be times I don’t like an item or two in them but they are still a great value. Almost $36 worth of products for $11. Please go right now and sign up! Tell me what you think of your boxes. And Happy Halloween! 🎃


September 2021 Ipsy bag

Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription box. Every month you recieve a cute little makeup bag filled with various beauty products. They have a couple options for subscription plans based on the size and amount of products you recieve. I get the smallest plan. It’s called the Glam bag, I get 5 sample size products for $13. They also have a Glam bag plus for $28 which gets you 5 full size items. And they offer a Glam bag X which it’s 7-8 full size items for $42 / quarter.

Purlisse Beauty bb cream. I love this. Its so lightweight you can’t tell you are wearing it. I apply it with a damp blender. My skin looks so soft and natural, while hiding blemishes. Full size product is $35.
Banilla Co cleansing balm. I haven’t tried this yet so I can’t give a review. I will update once I’ve tried it out. Full size product $22.
Origins original skin moisturizer. I haven’t noticed any improvement of my skin tone. But this does help hydrate my skin and minimizes pores. I also like that it doesn’t leave a greasy residue like some moisturizers. Full size $38.
Goldfaden line smoothing concentrate. This stuff is amazing. It helps firm and smooth my skin. Also, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. The only downside is that the full size (30 ml) is $115. A little pricey, especially when there are other serums out there that work the same for less.
Les beauty tinted brow gel. I didn’t like this when I first put it on because it made my eyebrows extremely dark. After sitting for awhile the color did dim down and made my eyebrows look full. This is the full size product which sells for $19. This alone paid for my Ipsy bag.
The bag for this month was cute. Gives me Clueless vibes. (Which I am guessing is what they were going for.)

Overall, I think the Ipsy bag is worth it. The one item in this month’s bag covered the cost of the entire box. Be sure to subscribe to it if it strikes your fancy and let me know what you think!

Walmart Beauty box

The Walmart beauty box is a season based subscription. Four times a year (every season) you recieve a box of samples and some full size items. They also offer some special boxes from time to time. This box is only $6.98 (plus tax) each season including shipping.

This review is for the Fall box.

I love this blender. It’s so soft and blends my foundation well. Sells at Walmart for $4.88.
This soap was ok. The smell is good, but strong. It does not lather well. My kids have been using it though and they don’t seem to mind it. Available at Walmart for $11.98/ 32 oz.
I’m not big on lip gloss and lipstick. I did try this. It smells good, but it’s very sticky. I gave it to my daughter. $4.99 for one lip tint.
I LOVE Woodwick candles. Big, small, every scent. I like to listen to them crackle. It’s so relaxing. I did receive a small 3 Oz sample in the box. Full size this candle is $16.87 (9.7 oz). The scent is Juniper and Spruce. It smells like a woodsy soap. I am currently in the process of burning a Pumpkin Butter scented Woodwick, but can’t wait to burn this one.
We haven’t tried this yet. I’m going to make my husband or kids try it. I don’t like the activated charcoal products. $5.96 for 16 Oz.

You recieve one of 2 Bliss products. We received the Clear Genius clarifying cleanser. I like the smell of this cleanser. I have used Bliss products in the past. I like them, but they feel thick. They do work though. $13 for 6.4 Oz. The other Bliss product you could have received was a Jelly glow peel daily exfoliator. Sells for $12 for a 4 Oz tube.
Receive one Cleen product. We got the Lavendar Chomomile night cream. This stuff smells amazing, very calming scent.. I have been using it every night right before bed. My skin is so smooth. It is very lightweight. Not at all greasy. 2.0 Oz container is $9.97. The other Cleen product was a Grapefruit water gel moisturizer. Also, available for the same price.

I love getting these boxes. They are a great value. Always, way exceeds the amount you pay for it. Gives the purchaser a chance to try out new products without wasting money. Be sure to check them out. I highly recommend!

Wibargain Amazon large box

I purchased the large WiBargain Amazon box on 8.14.2021. This one cost me $125. Shipping is free for these boxes. It took me 7 business days to recieve this box. I ordered it on a Saturday and received it on a Tuesday. This box had 18 items in it. Two duds in this box, but I was able to fix one of them. Overall value of this box was $190.06. It does have a higher value because there were items that I couldn’t find at all and some that I couldn’t find anything similar. Highly recommend. Especially if you are able to get a discount. 😉😉⬇️⬇️⬇️

If you are interested in this box, be sure to use this link to receive 20% off. The discount should automatically populate, but if it does not use code BAMG15.

One of my duds. EnviraScapes water fountain. Received broken and used. It did come with all the pieces. The instructions had not even been opened. I put it all together, but I can’t get the water to flow. Was a bummer it didn’t work, looked peaceful. Found this on Amazon here for $22.99.
Box of 4″ wheels. Only came with 3. The ones I found on Amazon all came with 4. It came with all the hardware needed. The closest thing I could find was $27.99.
Womens Adidas visor, new. This was in great condition. On Amazon for $20. Available in different colors.
Basic Concepts door stopper. Was opened and used. Had some of the paper backing peeled off of some sections. Hairs were stuck all over the sticky parts. Sells for $7.95.
I don’t think this has been used. It was still neatly packaged. Available in different colors on Amazon for $22.99. *I already sold this for $12.*
Exclusivo mezcla 100% cotton Beach towel. 30×60. The blue has bled onto the white in some spots. Available in different sizes and colors. This one can be found here for $15.99.
Game of phones offline pack. I was unable to find this individual pack on Amazon. Arrived still in package. Good condition. The actual game can be found here.
Rabbit goo harness, cherry pink. Size small. Had been used. Had pet hair on it. Available in different colors and sizes. This one sells for $21.23.
Voyager pet harness, size small. Had been used. This one was covered in pet hair. This same size and color can be found here for $13.99.
Dog costume. No brand. Size small. Used. Could not find this on Amazon. *Sold for $3.*

Keliiyo 8 way coaxial splitter. New. Still in package. Purchase this here for $16.99.

Limnuo silicone pastry mat. Was shipped in plastic. This was on sale for $8.95. Now, its available for purchase for $9.95. *sold this for $5*

Couldn’t find this exact one. This is the closest one I could find. Similar one sells for $8.

Available with different prints and colors. This particular one sells for $11.99. Super cute and lightweight.

If I knew for a fact I would use this and not have it just sit in my cabinet, I would keep this butter dish. Better butter brand. New, received still packaged in original box. Sells for $18.99.

Diet drops. New. They were sealed. Couldn’t find this company on Amazon. Most of the drops seemed to be about $7-$15.

My other dud. However, my husband did a wonderful job fixing him so I ended up keeping him. He is our “story telling” bear. I tried to do an Amazon search for him but all I was finding was fox items.

Overall, this was a decent box. Not much in this one for me to keep. Hopefully, I can resell most of these items. I’ll probably end up waiting a little while before I get another Amazon box. I do like the mystery behind these boxes and the fact that you may end up getting something you wouldn’t typically purchase for yourself. Let me know what you think of this box. What box should we try next? 🤔

Wibargain Small Womens clothing box

I purchased the small WiBargain clothing box on 8.14.2021. They are regularly $50, but I had a code to use and was able to get this box for $35. Shipping is free for these boxes. It took me 5 business days to recieve this box. I ordered it on a Saturday and recieved it the next Saturday. This box had 16 items. Only one dud. Overall value of this box was $205.33. Highly recommend. Especially if you are able to get a discount. 😉😉⬇️⬇️⬇️

If you are interested in this box, be sure to use this link to receive 20% off. The discount should automatically populate, but if it does not use code BAMG15.

Unboxing video can be found here.

I love this dress. But, it’s not my size. 😞 No tags or brand on the dress itself. I think I found the same one or one really close on Amazon. It’s on MTilly store. Can be purchased here for $27.19
Youth bra, Unbranded. No tags.
I2crazy 2 piece swimming suit, size large. New with tags. Can be purchased here for $24.64
Another Unbranded item, size large. I couldn’t find this exact item online. No tags.
Amazon essentials XL. New with tags. I couldn’t find this exact top. Similar items were priced at about $15.
Womens Bali bras. Size 42D. New with tags. Available for purchase on Amazon here for $22. I do believe this one was purchased from Kohls for $6.89, because the tag has the same clearance stickers Kohls uses.
No brand. No size. But not for me. No tags.
Girls Maidenform bra. New with tags 30A. The closest I could find was on Amazon for $5.85.
Womens Playtex 18 hour 4 way support bra, 38D. New in package. Can be purchased on Amazon for $16.40.
Womens Hanes bikinis sz 6. Was a 10 pack, but we only had 7 in our box. Found similar set on Walmarts website for $15.47
One of the duds from this box. This was a 3 pack of XL sports bras. The light blue one had obviously been tried on. They left deodorant stains. There was also a brown substance on it. The other 2 were in good condition. Similar ones sell on Amazon for $11.
How cute is this bathing suit? Ekouaer 1 piece. New with tags. Large. Can be purchased here for $33.89
Ekouaer nightgown, size small. No tags. Found on Amazon for $23.89. Not currently available in small.
Womens romper with pockets. Size small. No tags. No brand. I think this particular one is fairly inexpensive. I would say probably $10.