Wibargain Small Womens clothing box

I purchased the small WiBargain clothing box on 8.14.2021. They are regularly $50, but I had a code to use and was able to get this box for $35. Shipping is free for these boxes. It took me 5 business days to recieve this box. I ordered it on a Saturday and recieved it the next Saturday. This box had 16 items. Only one dud. Overall value of this box was $205.33. Highly recommend. Especially if you are able to get a discount. 😉😉⬇️⬇️⬇️

If you are interested in this box, be sure to use this link to receive 20% off. The discount should automatically populate, but if it does not use code BAMG15.

Unboxing video can be found here.

I love this dress. But, it’s not my size. 😞 No tags or brand on the dress itself. I think I found the same one or one really close on Amazon. It’s on MTilly store. Can be purchased here for $27.19
Youth bra, Unbranded. No tags.
I2crazy 2 piece swimming suit, size large. New with tags. Can be purchased here for $24.64
Another Unbranded item, size large. I couldn’t find this exact item online. No tags.
Amazon essentials XL. New with tags. I couldn’t find this exact top. Similar items were priced at about $15.
Womens Bali bras. Size 42D. New with tags. Available for purchase on Amazon here for $22. I do believe this one was purchased from Kohls for $6.89, because the tag has the same clearance stickers Kohls uses.
No brand. No size. But not for me. No tags.
Girls Maidenform bra. New with tags 30A. The closest I could find was on Amazon for $5.85.
Womens Playtex 18 hour 4 way support bra, 38D. New in package. Can be purchased on Amazon for $16.40.
Womens Hanes bikinis sz 6. Was a 10 pack, but we only had 7 in our box. Found similar set on Walmarts website for $15.47
One of the duds from this box. This was a 3 pack of XL sports bras. The light blue one had obviously been tried on. They left deodorant stains. There was also a brown substance on it. The other 2 were in good condition. Similar ones sell on Amazon for $11.
How cute is this bathing suit? Ekouaer 1 piece. New with tags. Large. Can be purchased here for $33.89
Ekouaer nightgown, size small. No tags. Found on Amazon for $23.89. Not currently available in small.
Womens romper with pockets. Size small. No tags. No brand. I think this particular one is fairly inexpensive. I would say probably $10.


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